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1.Why we using WWW resources?аааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа

2. Global technologiesааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа

2.1. Get more knowledge! - Global information resources.ааааа ааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа

2.2 Talk with people from another side of Earth Ц chats, forums, messengers.аааа

2.3 How I can develop myself by creating my home-page.аааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа

3. How to achieve personal success in the Internet? - be original!аааааааааааааааааааааааа


Today many people around the world unexpectedly open for themselves existing the global computer networks, which connecting all computers of our planet in one information area, termed as the Internet. аThe internet - many-sided and nobody can not determinant, what it is. From the technical side, it may be united transnational computer networks, which connected the most different computerТs kinds, physically telling information over the telephone lines or by the optical fibre, over satellites and radio modifications. But a bearer of the InternetТs culture is people (users).
Today practically every one, possessing access to computer with elementary modem, canа use in own activities information resources, available in the Internet. One of the targets of my essay Ц show how the Internet can help you in daily work and in spare time.
LetТs start from the chief Internet services. There are E-mail, network news Usenet, Mail lists, FTP file transfer, hypertext system Gopher, hypermedia system УWorld Wide WebФ. How we using this services on practice? If you in search some information or last dates, before readingа - reference bookа - УTalmudФ or calling your colleague, please consider for a moment, may be, you can find this information in the Internet? You should make only 2-3 clicks of mouse and write a few words. It isа a quickly way of receiving information and, may be it isа a high probability to find necessary facts. The Internet Ц source of the latest news. To make and public it by electronic way far cheaper and quickly, than tradition ways. In the Internet area we can find different information in interest for us themes. For example, if you want to bay some computer device, you can read information in the official site of product-producing company, find opinion of users this device on forums and particularized portals and compare prices of your local shopsа with prices of the internet-shops within your state, region or country. Another situation: you preparing for a journey with friends. How to choose a place for weekend? You can visit sites of tourist club, view photos, read more information in encyclopedias, inquire for impression people, who was visited this place before and notes real prices and quality of hostel. You can save money and time.
If you study some programming language (for example, JAVA) and you havenТt all of necessary information in books. You can ask interesting term, code or some secret in the WWW-area and experienced programmer from another side of Earth answer for your requirements. LetТs suppose that in university you receive task to prepare a report about Abraham Lincoln, but in the central library of town you find a few brief article. You should apply for information to specialized electronic agency (educational portal, library, encyclopedia, biographical dictionary). ThatТs all what you need for your success. At leisure you can get more information in the Internet about favorite music-band in the official site Ц read latest interviews and news, save and print photos, download free mp3 composition, engage tickets for next concert, write you own opinion in guest book, ask the questions (may be, your idol answer for you!) and chatting with fans from every spot on the globe. May be, it is known situation, when you have been set up on computer some program application and device refuse working? You can find information about this error in forums and download update for deviceТs driver.
With help of E-mail service you can send the letter with pictures or greeting card free of charge to another continent. And recipient receives your massage late one minute. In morning, usually, you wake up, make a cup of strong coffee and read news. You should switch on computer and visit the CNN or BBC site Ц there are video or text variants of traditional TV-channelТs news. Usenet it is system of teleconferencing, where group of users meetа right away in one area and give a negotiations, using multimedia services, as showing graphic material, movies, insecure data communications. This way convenient means of transport, because colleagues can give you urgently needed information. BusinessmenТs save time and money on business-trips to another country.




In this chapter I will talk about useful ways of spending time in the Internet.
In the Internet areas existing many catalogues, named as Уyellow pagesФ. There based links of millions web-sites, which sorted by themes or kinds of activities and services. Belowа I will show you example ofа linkТs kinds, useful for education.
Artefact [];
Gena's Library [];
Magisterа (classic and fantastic) [] ;
Modern Library (modern Russian literature) [] ;
Kobrinsky Library (poetic, philosophy, prose)
FeldmanТs Collection (private collection of translations of English poetry)
ErlichТs Library (myth and legends of World) [].
Publishing house:
BHVа (first-rate publisher computer literature on Russian, Kiev) [];
Avanta (encyclopedic publications)[];
Atlantа (business magazines) [];
NewAge (juridical, economic and fiction literature)[];
Special literature (educational and medicinal) [].
Art Dictionaries:
Acronym andаа abbreviation list []
Foreign Languages for Travelers [] more than 70 languages for tourists.
Human-Languages Page []
Art Music:
The biggest music supermarket Ear1 []
Science Hosts:
Science.Org Private Research Institute [];
National Geographic Society [];
Science Learning Network [];
National Academy of Sciences [];
Cambridge University Press [];
Archaeology on the Net [];
Sociology [];
Institute for Global Ethics [];
All About College [];
College Degrees [];
Mathematical Association [];
Religion and Science Glossary [].
Banks and Finance:
AAAdir World Banks [];
DDSI Internet Banking And Finance Index [];
Directory of Swiss Banks [];
Bank Rate Monitor [];
InfoBusiness [];
Times [].
Useful for students International Economic Relations
Statement flags from A to Z [];
Quotation in English [];
Airlines [];
European Travel [];
Ukrainian Press Server [];
Svit Nauki Journal []

In all of these sites you can find different useful information in your 5-yearly study process. It is physically impossible to describe all spectrums of these contents. As you see, it is not only local information area, but many sites enclosing always updating information about all countries (banks, stock exchanges).



You should agree with me, that communicate with true Japanese, Australian, Swede or African very interesting. And not only because you perfecting knowledge of foreign language. It is good cause to extend yours knowledge about some country, nation, culture, traditions, relations this people to your native country and their knowledge about yours culture and conditions of life. It is time, when you can destroy or form stereotypes about mentality, interests, opinion about political figures and economic situation. On the way of communication with people different software can help you receive and send greeting cards, home-video, sounds, mails, text messages.
With help MSN messenger, for example, you can speak on-line with interlocutor in microphone and hear answers in head-phones, or using special device Ц web-camera Ц her or his face and every movement. At the same time you can exchange text messages. To show your emotions vacationed special little animated pictures, representative human emotions: laugh, crying, smile, anger, grudge, tongue, love, kissing, pouty, shock, happy, sick, wink. Exist another messengers Ц QIP, ICQ. It is easer programs for exchanging momentary messages. The Program-messenger has contact list with off-line and on-line users, which you can sorted by name and by groups. There are saved historyа of communications, received files, userТs profiles with personal information.
Forum -а particular form of communication. It is place, sorted by themes and topics. In topics you can ask userТs opinion about something, make a poll. Everybody, who post answer, may read posts of another users. In post possible adding pictures, URL-links, quotation, files for free downloading.
In chat-rooms holding on-line meetings. A chief feature of chatting in the Internet Ц possibility carry on a dialogue with some person and others users can read yours messages and answer for you their opinion.
A few words of internet-communication culture. In the Internet o exist centers and the provinces and all of users is equal. In Network lives almost the same people, as in Уreal lifeФ Ц not angels and not good-girls and good-boys. There are you can meet and frankly self-enamoured dolts. You should respect opinion of another person. аYou shouldnТt annoyed, lose yours temper. Ability keep yours wool on speaks about good heart and great soul.


Today personal web-pages very popular around the world. Web-site is not only kind of entertainment, but kind of business too. This is what your website can do for you: establish your presence on the web; provide information; build familiarity of your product; reach an International market; test new products and/or markets; provide customer service and build customer loyalty by: selling your product; offering 24 hr service; answering frequently asked questions; making demonstrations and explanations available; making changing information available quickly; staying in contact with sales people; requesting consumer feedback. If you make your own site not for business, you can keep a diary, show you photos, art gallery, tall about your hobbies and find like-minded people.
This is what you need to start creating your own УspaceФ in the Internet. а
First off all choose the targets of creating your site - self-expression, portfolio, аbusiness, strike up an acquaintances. Then, youа should define target group and hosting with domain (.com Ц for e-commerce and business, .edu Ц for educational resources, .org Ц if your site contain information about some organization). If your target group is people, like you Ц ordinary people with hobbies and contacts, you can place your site in special area for home pages Ц, This spaces give for users free-payment hosting and easy navigation in first steps of creating opening page. Next Ц think about content of your site. It may be some text or diary, yours progress, examples of your work, autobiography, photos and pictures, chat or forum, price-list, guest-book, page with link on friendly sites, your contacts as e-mail address, msn or ICQ#.
Next step Ц creating your own, advisable, unique design.
If your site containing exclusive and original information, you should provide for noteworthy design. True web-design remove demerits and noteworthy merits (c) Baltasar Garsianov.
There are a few advices, with help of with you should achieve success. You should attempt to select harmonious combination of colors. In this business you can rely on your experience, intuition and individual test. Existing special palette УVisiboneФ, in which collected 216 safety colors for Web.
There are three image formats widely used in web pages: GIF, JPEG and PNG. You need to choose the right format for your website images so that they will look good and still be a reasonable size. web pages should be about 70k or less (images and all) so that your pages download fast. Use JPEG to save photographs; JPEG cannot have transparent backgrounds; JPEG is not good at preserving exact colors Ц donТt use them for logos or text. Use GIF to save images that have sharp lines (like text) and solid colors (a solid red square, typical corporate logo),а to save images that need to have a transparent background;GIF was invented for creating screen graphics Ц donТt use GIF for images that you want to print on paper because they will look crappy. Use PNG if you want to have images with blended, transparent backgrounds; use PNG if you need to create print ready high-resolution graphics. PNG was designed with the web in mind and is the most flexible graphic format ready for web use. The only problem is that images saved as PNG always seem to be larger than their GIF or JPEG counter part. The most web designers just use GIF or JPEG.
Flash is a vector animation software, originally designed to create animations for display on web pages. Vector graphics are ideal for the web because they are so lightweight. You could use Flash to create a presentation that is similar to a television commercial. This type of presentation is something where the user sits back and enjoys the show as the Flash movie delivers the message to the client with animation, sound, and possibly video.
You can finally start building the actual site at this step. Actually I mean writingа the code with help software as Macromedia Studio Dreamweaver, Web Page Maker, Xara WebStyle, PHP Editor, Edit+ or using easy program Ц AkelPad, WordPad, Notepad. If you donТt have knowledge about web-technologies and languages, you can use standard samples on the hosting machine.
Evaluate the website and make the required changes and updates. Use preview for every page, test all links and loadable of images. If everything is all right, start to update your site.



ааааааааааааааааааааааааа BE ORIGINAL!

There are I will talk about methods of effectively marketing your website with proper search engine optimization.
There are over 5 billion pages on the Internet. How should people find yours? This is a brief article on designing your website with search engine optimization(SEO) in mind to help searchers find what you are providing.
At first:
There are two ways to search the Internet, using a directory or using a search engine. A directory such as Yahoo, Google, Yandex, AltaVista, Meta lists web sites using categories. Searchers must select the some category Ц for example, it may be pictures, news, topics, catalogues, shopping, sports, TV, travel, yellow pages, autos, music, finance, answers, movies.  Generally, you must propose your own site (and often pay a fee) to be listed in a directory. 
Then, your should be flatter and interest for user and he should want back to your site once again.

What gives a site a professional appearance?

Your site should contain useful and interesting content, presented in an appealing manner with a good download time.  Your sites overall appearance (backgrounds, fonts, etc.) should constantly the same from page to page.  Use only optimized graphics and fonts. Site should load fast with a smart navigation system and functioning links. Your site should use, if it is possible, original graphics or author's copy, not copyrights from another web-sourses. Your site should have some interest and relevant content that changes frequently, obliging return visitors.
Here are some "red flags" to lamerа web appearance:
poor browser compatibility; animated bullets; too many graphic and/or line dividers ; multiple banners and buttons; poor use of frames; poor use of tables; too much advertising; large welcome banners; no Meta tags; under construction signs; scrolling text in the status bar; large scrolling text across the page; poor use of mouse over effects.
In my opinion, the mission of any new page in the Internet network is introducing something new, original, author's for help another billions of users around the world to achieve personal development.



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